DXM Podcast

We are joined by the legendary Sarah Friend who catches up with Colborn about her practice, community, and methods and modalities enabled by NFTs.

DMINTI Thursdays: Twitter Spaces

The team from Metaversal joins us to discuss their Metaletters project and their upcoming exhibition in the DMINTI Metaverse!

DXM Podcast

Lago Frames checks in with our host Colborn Bell on screen solutions for NFTs.


Crypto-Anartchism, an exhibition created by the team at Metaversal featuring work from their Metaletters project, opens in our galleries. To celebrate we host an opening reception with the metaversal team and select artists!

DMINTI Thursdays: Twitter Spaces

We are once again joined by the brilliant and indefatigable Charlotte Kent this time for our Thursday night Twitter space where we plan to dive deep into the blockchain and time.

DXM Podcast

Dejan Pralica of Sole Savvy joins us on the DXM Pod to wax deep on dropping NFTs and sneakers.


In Partnership With NYU Tandon, Integrated Design & Media Program

We are so excited to begin our partnership with ever-prescient metaverse artist and historian Carla Gannis! Carla has Curated an amazing array of speakers beginning with Samantha Wolfe who’ll discuss her upcoming book in light of her experience in the burgeoning metaverse industry.

DMINTI Thursdays: Twitter Spaces

Dejan Pralica returns for some dialogue with our community!


Metaversal is back with more programming surrounding their Crypto-Anartchism exhibition in the DMINTI Metaverse. This time Metaversal hosts a community meet up in the DMINTI Metaverse to get feedback on the Metaletters project as it develops.

DXM Podcast

Entertainment lawyer, entrepreneur and co author of the NFT Handbook Matt Fortnow joins Colborn on the DXM Podcast for a consideration of the space as it stands now.

The Universal Color Clock

NFT Only

The UC Clock in small frame

Acrylic Table Top Frame
by Infinite Objects - 6.4" x 4.5"

The UC Clock in large frame

Wall Mounted Frame
by Muse Frames - 22"

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