DMINTI partners with artists and industries to curate, produce, and position innovative works & experiences at the intersection of art & technology. Our projects are unique, relevant to key audiences, and significant within this fast-changing cultural context. DMINTI brings digital art fluency into the traditional art world, providing white-glove service to legacy art collectors.

As curators and collectors dedicated to the history of conceptual art, we are inspired by the global potential for significant cultural conversations in the metaverse. DMINTI uses museum-level protocols and entrepreneurship to support artists in this new, creative ecosphere.


The Future of Digital Art

DMINTI’s mission for our art metaverse is to build interactive, multigenerational communities with a shared 3D canvas for all projects cultivated with partnering artists and curators while serving as a cultural institution for collectors. DMINTI’s exclusive partnership with Hani Rashid revolutionizes how digital art can be created and experienced using VR technology and AR technologies. The DMINTI Metaverse offers a democratized point of entry for a broad-range of communities by providing access to multidisciplinary artists and other creatives dedicated to digital experimentation. DMINTI’s Metaverse provides the tools for artists to explore virtual reality spaces and experiment in this new domain to create, exhibit, and sell.



Tech Entrepreneur​

Shalom Meckenzie is a world-renowned entrepreneur who founded SBTech, a provider of technological solutions for online sports betting and gaming, which has now merged with DraftKings, the official daily fantasy partner of the NFL.


Filmmaker, and Former Guggenheim President

Jennifer Stockman is a collector who served as President of the Guggenheim Museum’s Board of Trustees for 15 years; she produced the award-winning documentary The Price of Everything which explores the contemporary art market.


International Gallerist​

A leading international gallerist, collector and advisor, Lévy co-founded Lévy Gorvy Gallery – which has branches in NY, London, Paris and HK. She recently merged her gallery with powerhouses Jeanne Greenberg & Amalia Dayan creating LGDR.


International Art Dealer​

CJ is an international art dealer, investor, and philanthropist who co-founded the global Art Advisory Colour Themes, a company that specializes in the curation of collections and sourcing of notable contemporary works for private collectors.


Marketing Executive

Leveraging over 20 years of international experience in branding & marketing, Carola combines her expertise in managing and positioning global brands to position DMINTI for rapid growth and business value.


Hani Rashid


Hani Rashid is one of the world’s leading architects and educators. He co-founded the New York-based architecture firm, Asymptote Architecture with Lise Anne Couture and has built cultural projects in Europe, US and Asia. read more

Leading IP Expert, Professor at Stanford Law School​

Lemley is currently a Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and the Director of the Stanford Law School Program in Law, Science & Technology.


Film Executive and Founder of the Black List​​

Leonard is a film and television producer, cultural commentator and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of the Black List.



CEO / Co-Founder

Hani Rashid

Partner / Metaverse Creator


Chief Operating Officer


Programming Director & Producer


Junior Strategist​


Web Developer

John Houck

Programming Wizard​

Dario Bolivar

2D / 3D Animator


Non-fungible tokens are eternal collectibles. These incredibly unique digital assets do not deteriorate and are non-interchangeable. NFTs can represent both physical and digital creations.

Minting is the process of creating an NFT so that the file can be collected and recorded on a blockchain public ledger. This digital signature allows each NFT to possess a distinct identifying code.

DMinti is a cultural agency that partners with the world’s leading contemporary and emerging artists in the digital and legacy art worlds to curate, produce, and position impactful NFT art.



NFT Community Manager

We are eager to welcome a manager to our team who will further engage our community through excellent communication skills honed by experience leading creative projects.

This individual will manage and foster deeper relationships with community members on every level, creating innovative digital and in-person engagements to further develop DMINTI’s network.

If you are a highly driven team player, we look forward to hearing about your favorite NFT projects and experience with other Discord communities. Please click here to learn more.

Software Engineer for Smart Contracts

We seek to add a software engineer who is eager to work on smart contracts and web3 applications for a variety of NFT projects involving blue-chip artists.

Our ideal candidate is agile and highly motivated to lead projects autonomously. This person has an interest in collaborating with other team members to build our network and possesses excellent skills honed by experience leading developer projects.

If you have a passion for creating secure code and working with a cultural agency that is devoted to expanding the digital art world, please click here to apply.

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The Universal Color Clock

NFT Only

The UC Clock in small frame

Acrylic Table Top Frame
by Infinite Objects - 6.4" x 4.5"

The UC Clock in large frame

Wall Mounted Frame
by Muse Frames - 22"

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Ricci Albenda: breathe. (3,2)