Brendan Murphy’s unprecedented step to merge the art and gaming worlds brings his widely popular collection of NFTs, Boonji Project, to the digital gaming platform Roblox.

This groundbreaking digital art experience, Artful Obby, is created by DMINTI and developed by Gamefam and DXSH. It marks Murphy’s first move to bring his digital art and space-traveling avatars to life in the Roblox metaverse, opening the widely popular Boonji World to the Roblox audience.


Murphy debuted his record-breaking Boonji Project NFT collection, in partnership with the digital art pioneer, Jupiter Group, in October 2021. The release included 11,111 unique avatars, making history as the largest art NFT sale in the primary market, surpassing $15.5 million.


BORN 1971

Since early in his career, in both painting and sculpture, Brendan Murphy has explored the blending of abstract and figurative forms to express deeper meaning. Murphy believes that it is through art that we can universally transmit positive energy. He recognizes the effect that this energy, when experienced collectively, can have on society as a whole. Murphy’s commitment to process and true craftsmanship is the through line in his rich body of work.


Murphy launched his debut art NFT, Boonji Project in October 2021, bringing his Boonji Spaceman series to life in the metaverse and marking the first major fine-art NFT drop to pair NFTs with redeemable physical tokenized art. Murphy currently works from his studio in Miami, FL and has gallery representation in the USA, Canada, Germany, Colombia, England, and Monaco. For more information, visit website or follow on Instagram.

ARTFUL OBBY featuring Brendan Murphy’s Boonji Project by DMINTI

Artful Obby is a first-of-its-kind immersive Roblox experience that takes players on a journey and features the works of world-renowned artist Brendan Murphy and his groundbreaking NFT collection, Boonji Project. Players will navigate a fun-filled obstacle course as they explore three themed galleries showcasing Murphy’s most iconic artwork, including his Boonji Spaceman, Fingerprint and Candy Hearts series. At the end of the journey, players will reach a space station art gallery, where they will be able to experience and engage with Murphy’s work and unlock access to exclusive pieces.

Artists' Projects

DMINTI partners with contemporary artists to bring their vision to the Blockchain, creating innovative and relevant NFT projects and Web3 experiences with wide appeal and expansive points of access.

Since the early 1980s, David Salle has created complex, searingly psychological paintings that juxtapose an array of images from art history, popular culture, and his own starkly lit photographs. An astute art critic, he is the author of How to See: Looking, Thinking and Talking about Art (2018).

French-American conceptual artist Sarah Meyohas was one of the first artists to explore the intersection between cryptocurrency and art with her formative, feminist Bitchcoin project (2015). Working across multiple mediums including performance, film, photography, and AI, her work investigates how value is created and sustained in art and economics.



Zoë Buckman was born in 1985 in Hackney, East London. She studied at The International Center of Photography (GS ‘09) and was awarded an Art Matters Grant in 2017. Working across different mediums such as sculpture, photography, embroidery and neon, Buckman’s work investigates cultural norms, intersection feminism and identity in modern society.



Josephine Meckseper, born in Germany, holds an MFA from CalArts, and lives and works in New York City. The artist is known for her large scale vitrine installations and films that have been exhibited in numerous international biennials and museum exhibitions worldwide. In her practice, which encompasses film, photography, painting and sculpture, Meckseper challenges the conventional meanings of familiar cultural imagery and the systems of circulation and display through which they acquire significance.

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Ricci Albenda: Breath ‘3,2’, 2022

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Ricci Albenda: Breath ‘3,2’, 2022

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Ricci Albenda: breathe. (3,2)